How to Use AI Chat on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide


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In this digital age, Instagram has become more than just a platform for sharing photos and stories. It has evolved into a powerful communication tool, allowing users to connect with friends, family, and even businesses. To enhance this experience, you can now utilize AI chat on Instagram to streamline your conversations and provide automated responses. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up and using AI chat on Instagram.

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Getting Started with AI Chat on Instagram

AI chat on Instagram allows you to automate responses to messages and interact with users more efficiently. Whether you want to set up automated responses for your personal account or manage messages for your business, Instagram offers multiple options to make your life easier. Let’s dive into the steps to get started:

1. Create an AI Chat on Instagram

To begin using AI chat on Instagram, follow these steps:

Open Instagram

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and make sure you are logged in to your account.

Access Direct Messages

Tap the direct message icon at the top right corner of your Instagram feed to access your inbox.

Tap “Create an AI Chat”

In your inbox, look for the “Create an AI chat” option. This feature allows you to set up an AI chat for your account.

Select an AI

Instagram offers a selection of AI options for your chat. Choose the one that suits your needs. These AI chat options are designed to provide automated responses and assistance.

Enter a Message or Use Message Prompts

After selecting your AI, you can either enter a message to kick-start the conversation or use message prompts provided by the AI. Be cautious and avoid sharing personal information in your messages.

This is the fundamental method for setting up an AI chat on Instagram. However, Instagram offers an additional option to integrate Meta AI into your existing conversations.

2. Using Meta AI in Existing Instagram Chats

If you’re already engaged in a conversation on Instagram and want to incorporate Meta AI, follow these steps:

Open an Existing Chat

Access your existing chat on Instagram that you want to enhance with Meta AI.

Type “@” and “Meta AI”

In the chat, type “@” followed by “Meta AI” to invoke the AI assistant.

Enter Your Question or Message

After invoking Meta AI, you can enter your question or message, and the AI will provide responses based on the context of the conversation.

This option is great for getting quick advice or answers to questions within your ongoing chats.

3. Using Third-Party Services for Instagram Chatbots

In addition to Instagram’s built-in AI features, you can explore third-party services that offer Instagram chatbot solutions. Here are a couple of options:

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Tidio is a popular third-party service that provides Instagram chatbot capabilities. To set up Tidio for your Instagram account, follow these steps:

Register for a Tidio Account

Start by registering for a free Tidio account.

Connect Tidio to Your Instagram Page

After registration, connect Tidio to your Instagram page. This step allows Tidio to access and manage your Instagram messages.

Choose a Chatbot Template

Tidio offers a variety of Instagram chatbot templates. Select one that aligns with your goals, or create a custom chatbot from scratch using Tidio’s visual drag-and-drop editor.

Activate Your Instagram Chatbot

Once your chatbot is set up, activate it to start providing automated responses on your Instagram account.


Chatimize offers a WhatsApp Automation Starter Pack that you can use to get started with WhatsApp automation. This pack costs a one-time payment of €29 and includes copy-and-paste WhatsApp automations. While Chatimize specializes in WhatsApp, it’s worth exploring if you’re interested in cross-platform automation.

Keep in mind that Instagram chatbots and AI chats are essentially computer programs that can automatically reply to messages on Instagram. They can be valuable for providing quick responses and managing messages more effectively.

Using Instagram Chatbots for Efficient Communication

Instagram chatbots and AI chats have become increasingly popular due to their ability to streamline communication and assist users with common queries. Whether you’re a business looking to provide excellent customer service or an individual aiming to manage your messages more efficiently, AI chat on Instagram can be a valuable tool.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can set up an AI chat on Instagram, integrate Meta AI into your existing conversations, or explore third-party solutions like Tidio and Chatimize. These options will help you make the most of Instagram’s messaging capabilities and provide an enhanced experience for your followers or customers.

In summary, AI chat on Instagram is a game-changer for those looking to automate responses and enhance their communication on the platform. Whether you choose Instagram’s built-in AI, Meta AI, or third-party solutions, the goal is the same: to make your Instagram messaging experience more efficient and user-friendly. Start using AI chat on Instagram today and enjoy the benefits of automated, hassle-free communication.

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