Meta unveils new text-to-music AI instruments to compete with Google’s

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Artificial intelligence has slowly crept into the music business, creating viral songs, bringing again our favourite singers’ voices from the lifeless, and even qualifying for a Grammy (form of). Meta launched new AI instruments that can make utilizing AI to generate music even simpler.

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On Tuesday, Meta revealed AudioCraft, a set of generative AI fashions that may create “high-quality and life like” music from textual content, in response to Meta.  

Audiocraft consists of three of Meta’s generative AI fashions: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. Each MusicGen and AudioGen generate sound from textual content, with one producing music and the latter producing particular audio and sound results. 

You possibly can go to MusicGen on HuggingFace and play with the demo. For the immediate you possibly can describe any sort of music you need to listen to from any period. For instance, Meta shares the instance, “An 80s driving pop track with heavy drums and synth pads within the background”. 

EnCodec is an audio codec comprised of neural networks that compress audio and reconstruct the enter sign. As a part of the announcement, Meta launched probably the most improved model of Encodec that enables for higher-quality music generations with fewer artifacts, in response to the discharge. 

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Meta additionally launched the pre-trained AudioGen fashions, which give customers entry to generate environmental sounds and sound results similar to a canine barking or flooring creaking. 

Lastly, Meta shared the weights and code for all three open-source fashions so researchers and practitioners can leverage it to coach different fashions. 

Meta shares within the launch that AudioCraft has the potential to turn into a brand new sort of ordinary instrument like synthesizers as soon as grew to become. 

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“With much more controls, we predict MusicGen can flip into a brand new sort of instrument — similar to synthesizers once they first appeared,” stated Meta. 

This is not the primary generative AI mannequin of this nature. Google launched MusicLM in January, its personal mannequin that may remodel textual content into music. A latest analysis paper revealed that Google can also be utilizing AI to reconstruct music from human mind exercise

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