Microsoft’s purple staff has monitored AI since 2018. Listed here are 5 large insights


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Within the final six months, the optimistic impacts of synthetic intelligence have been highlighted greater than ever, however so have the dangers.

At its finest, AI has made it doable for individuals to finish on a regular basis duties with extra ease and even create breakthroughs in several industries that may revolutionize how work will get executed. 

At its worst, nevertheless, AI can produce misinformation, generate dangerous or discriminatory content material, and current safety and privateness dangers. For that motive, it is critically vital to carry out correct testing earlier than the fashions are launched to the general public, and Microsoft has been doing simply that for 5 years now. 

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Earlier than the ChatGPT increase started, AI was already an impactful, rising expertise, and in consequence, Microsoft assembled an AI purple staff in 2018. 

The AI purple staff consists of interdisciplinary specialists devoted to investigating the dangers of AI fashions by “pondering like attackers” and “probing AI techniques for failure,” in keeping with Microsoft

Almost 5 years after its launch, Microsoft is sharing its purple teaming practices and learnings to set an instance for the implementation of accountable AI. In line with the corporate, it’s important to check AI fashions each on the base mannequin stage and the appliance stage. For instance, for Bing Chat, Microsoft monitored AI each on the GPT-4 stage and the precise search expertise powered by GPT-4

“Each ranges carry their very own benefits: for example, purple teaming the mannequin helps to establish early within the course of how fashions might be misused, to scope capabilities of the mannequin, and to know the mannequin’s limitations,” says Microsoft.

The corporate shares 5 key insights about AI purple teaming that the corporate has garnered from its 5 years of expertise.

AI red teaming


The primary is the expansiveness of AI purple teaming. As a substitute of merely testing for safety, AI purple teaming is an umbrella of strategies that assessments for elements like equity and the technology of dangerous content material. 

The second is the necessity to deal with failures from each malicious and benign personas. Though purple teaming sometimes focuses on how a malignant actor would use the expertise, it’s also important to check the way it might generate dangerous content material for the typical consumer. 

“Within the new Bing, AI purple teaming not solely centered on how a malicious adversary can subvert the AI system through security-focused strategies and exploits but additionally on how the system can generate problematic and dangerous content material when common customers work together with the system,” says Microsoft. 

The third perception is that AI techniques are always evolving and, in consequence, purple teaming these AI techniques at a number of totally different ranges is critical, which results in the fourth perception: red-teaming generative AI techniques requires a number of makes an attempt. 

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Each time you work together with a generative AI system, you might be prone to get a unique output; due to this fact, Microsoft finds, a number of makes an attempt at purple teaming need to be made to make sure that system failure is not missed.  

Lastly, Microsoft says that mitigating AI failures requires protection in depth, which signifies that as soon as a purple staff identifies an issue, it can take quite a lot of technical mitigations to handle the difficulty. 

Measures like those Microsoft has set in place ought to assist ease issues about rising AI techniques whereas additionally serving to mitigate the dangers concerned with these techniques. 

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