Is Gizmo AI Free? Unveiling the Pricing and Features


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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Gizmo AI has emerged as a promising player, offering users a suite of tools designed to enhance productivity and foster learning through AI-generated quizzes. One burning question that often arises is whether Gizmo AI is free. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Gizmo AI’s pricing model, shedding light on the costs associated with its various plans and features.

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Unveiling the Pricing Structure

Gizmo AI, while not entirely free, provides users with diverse pricing options catering to different needs. The pricing information, as gleaned from the official Gizmo AI website, indicates that there is indeed a cost associated with accessing the platform’s services.

1. Personal Plan

For individuals seeking to elevate their productivity using Gizmo AI, the Personal Plan serves as an entry point. This plan comes with a nominal starting cost of $0.99 per month. However, there’s an enticing limited offer for early adopters — the first 10,000 users can enjoy a lifetime discount. This makes it an appealing option for those eager to explore the platform’s capabilities at a discounted rate.

2. Team Plans on the Horizon

Gizmo AI has strategic plans to introduce team-centric plans in the future. Geared towards companies aiming to streamline processes by subscribing multiple users under a single API key, these Team Plans are projected to start at $1.29 per seat per month. This initiative reflects Gizmo AI’s commitment to accommodating both individual and corporate users.

It’s crucial for potential users to be aware that additional costs may be incurred when utilizing the OpenAI language models integrated into Gizmo AI. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these potential expenses, users are encouraged to consult the OpenAI pricing details for a transparent overview.

Navigating the Learning Landscape with Gizmo

Beyond productivity tools, Gizmo AI has also ventured into the realm of education with a platform designed for learning through AI-generated quizzes. Here, a distinct pricing model unfolds.

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1. Free Lives for Daily Learning

The Gizmo learning platform generously provides users with 15 lives every day at no cost. These lives act as a lifeline during quiz sessions. If a user answers a quiz question incorrectly, they lose a life. The intriguing challenge is to maintain a balance and avoid running out of lives during the daily learning sessions.

2. Subscription for Unlimited Lives and Quiz Creation

For those who crave more flexibility and unlimited learning opportunities, Gizmo AI offers a subscription service. Priced at $8.80 per month or $52.80 per year, this subscription not only unlocks unlimited lives but also grants users the ability to create an unlimited number of AI-generated quizzes. It’s a comprehensive package for avid learners who seek an immersive and uninterrupted learning experience.

However, it’s essential to note that once users exhaust their free lives, there’s a waiting period of 10 minutes to replenish them. Alternatively, users can opt for the subscription to bypass the waiting time and enjoy uninterrupted learning and quiz creation.

Navigating the Gizmo Confusion

As you navigate the realms of Gizmo AI, it’s pertinent to acknowledge that there seems to be some confusion surrounding platforms with similar names. To ensure that you are on the right track, verify the specific platform that aligns with your needs. Gizmo AI encompasses productivity tools and a learning platform, each with its own distinctive features and pricing structures.


In conclusion, while Gizmo AI is not entirely free, its pricing structure is designed to cater to a diverse audience. From individual productivity seekers to corporate teams and avid learners, Gizmo AI offers tailored plans to meet varied requirements. The integration of OpenAI language models adds an extra layer of sophistication, and users are advised to explore the OpenAI pricing details for a comprehensive understanding.

Whether you’re aiming to boost productivity or embark on a learning journey through AI-generated quizzes, Gizmo AI presents a compelling suite of tools. As with any technological venture, staying informed about the pricing nuances ensures that you can make the most informed decision, aligning your investment with your specific needs.

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