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Add artificial generative intelligence, a subset of AI that has started integrating into several products and services, which includes AI image generation and text generation using natural language prompts. Now, users can start generating videos using Prompt. These video editors are also relatively user-friendly, helping users generate videos.

This will make it easier to create videos and save time, which you can utilise for productivity. By integrating AI video generators, these video editors, also known as text-to-video AI generators, can be edited and published. Most video generators are web-based apps that help users produce engaging videos within a few minutes.

The Best AI Video Generator

You can find a lot of AI video generators that help users create high-quality videos using AI, and for these, users only need a little technical skills. Even beginners can get the most out of it; some tools are paid, while others are free. Check out these best AI video generators for 2023.

  • Pictory is one of the best choices for generating videos for social media marketing and quick editing. Available as a Web app, Android and iOS, it costs $19/mo.
  • InVideo: This has more than 500 video templates to choose from and allows users to customise and edit options, including music, stock images, brand colours, and fonts. The price of InVideo begins at $15/mo, and you can use it on Android, iOS, and Web apps.
  • Synthesia: You can use this tool to create high-quality professional videos without a mic or camera, and it also supports 120 languages. Currently, it is only available on the Web, starting at $30/mo.
  • Synthesys: This tool is said to give you the ability to create videos for commercial purposes, which makes it a good option for small and large businesses. It is currently made available to browsers for $27/mo and gives users the option to choose from different voices, including 35 female voices and 30 male voices.
  • Deepbrain AI: It is easy for beginners, which allows the ability to generate videos using Text Prompt. You have more than 100 hyper-realistic AI avatars that support 55 different languages. Deepbrain AI is accessible as a web app in a browser, with premium options starting at $30/mo.
  • HeyGen: Users can start by creating videos that offer 300+ voices and support 40 languages, which are also entirely customisable and combine several scenes. You also have the option to edit the video to polish it. This AI Video Generator is available in Browser as a Web app, Android, and iOS, and the pricing starts at $24/mo.
  • Fliki: You can start generating videos using simple scripts. This includes many real-life-like voiceovers that you can use. It combines advanced AI models that combine text-to-video AI and text-to-speech AI capabilities.
  • FlexClip has a massive library of beautiful templates. With 1K+ text animations and pre-text styles available, you can choose from millions of dynamic vector elements to easily create videos. You can choose from 4 million royalty-free stock assets, including music and videos. Flexclip is available on Browser, Android, and iOS for $9.99/Mo.
  • is another central cloud-based video platform in your web app. It includes several solutions, like an extensive text library, colour, fonts, music, and subtitles. Not only this, but it also includes an auto-transcribe feature and remains quite competitive at $12/mo.
  • Lumen5 is another common AI video generator platform that helps users engage audiences on social media with options including writing content. Lumen5 is a web-based video app available for $19 for basic.
  • Peech: One of the ideal solutions that is quite beginner-friendly. It aims to save time with video creation and offers options to choose visuals, graphics text, animated icons, and images for every video. With such options, you can draft a video in minutes. It is available for free but costs $54 per seat.
  • InVideo is a powerful AI tool that helps with generating marketing and explainer videos that do not require any background in video creation or editing. This includes options to generate videos using natural-language text prompts. Furthermore, it has options to use templates or customise your own.
  • Colossyan: This enables video production that helps users with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms. The video generators enable you to choose from a diverse range of avatars and provide the avatar with scripts.
  • Global AI technology experts provide AI video generators that enable users to create training videos without actors, voiceovers, or post-production to further improve marketing with compelling product videos powered by AI.

Video content is among the best AI video generators. It competes in highly visual environments and drives over 80% of online traffic. Video traffic is also increasingly preferred over other forms of online content like text and images.

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