Improving the Strava Training Log | by barrysmyth | Nov, 2023


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As a marathon runner, I use Strava. A lot. In addition to all the usual social features (sharing activities, keeping up with what my friends are doing, checking my club’s activities etc.) I rely on Strava to track all of my activities and I use it regularly to analyse my training progress. Or at least I try to. I like to use Strava’s training log to review how my current training is going, compared with previous years, but unfortunately, this is not where Strava shines, even though the training log is a premium feature.

Part of the problem is the very limited information provided by the training log. For instance, in the example training log below we see several weeks’ worth of activities (the coloured circles) which provide a summary of the frequency and distance of training activities but without any information on training intensity or effort. So, I thought it would be an interesting side-project to look at how we might improve upon this…

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