Is AI Dungeon Free Now? Free vs Paid Versions


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In the vast landscape of interactive storytelling games, AI Dungeon has emerged as a captivating experience for those seeking boundless narrative possibilities. A burning question on the minds of many is whether AI Dungeon is now free. The answer is yes, but with nuances. This article delves into the details of AI Dungeon’s pricing structure, highlighting the distinctions between the free and paid versions, guiding users through the labyrinth of features and costs.

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Is AI Dungeon Free?

As of the current date, AI Dungeon is indeed free to play. The game beckons users into a realm of limitless adventure using the Griffin AI model at basic speeds. This free-to-play gem is accessible online and can also be savored on platforms like Steam and the App Store. However, as with many games in the digital era, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. While the core gameplay is free, there are potential expenditures lurking in the shadows.

Unraveling the Layers: Free vs Paid Versions

Free Version

The free version of AI Dungeon invites players into a world of uninterrupted play, courtesy of the Griffin AI model operating at basic speeds. Yet, this freedom comes at a cost—ads. The free version serves as an introduction to the game’s potential, but it does not grant access to premium AI models.

For those hungering for more, AI Dungeon offers paid versions, each unlocking a trove of features that transcend the limitations of the free experience.

Ad-Free Gameplay

The paid versions liberate players from the clutches of ads, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience. No interruptions, just pure storytelling.

Access to Premium AI Models

Paid users ascend to a higher echelon, gaining access to premium AI models. These models inject a dose of sophistication into the narrative, elevating the storytelling capabilities of AI Dungeon.

Advanced Settings

Customization becomes an art form for paid users. With access to advanced settings, players can tailor their gaming experience to suit their unique preferences.

Credits for Image Generation

Certain paid membership plans bestow players with credits for image generation. This feature allows users to breathe life into their tales by incorporating generated images.

Faster Response Times

The tempo of the game quickens for paid users. Faster response times from the AI ensure a more dynamic and engaging experience.

Increased Memory

For those craving intricate and sprawling narratives, higher-tier paid plans offer increased memory. The AI’s ability to maintain complex and lengthy stories is amplified, adding depth to the gameplay.

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Tiered Pricing

The paid versions of AI Dungeon come in tiers, each with its own price tag and a distinct set of features. As of the current date, the tiers are as follows:

Adventurer: $9.99 USD per month

  • Fast response times
  • Access to the Dragon AI model

Hero: $14.99 USD per month

  • All features of the Adventurer tier
  • 2x memory

Legend: $29.99 USD per month

  • All features of the Hero tier
  • 4x memory
  • Unlimited image generation

The Steam Conundrum

The Steam version of AI Dungeon adds another layer to the pricing puzzle. Priced at a one-time cost of $29.97 USD, it offers unlimited access to the Griffin AI model, advanced settings, and an ad-free experience. However, it falls short in providing access to the Dragon or Wyvern AI models.


In the grand tapestry of AI Dungeon, the free version serves as the gateway to a world of endless possibilities. However, for those seeking to unlock the full potential of the game, the paid versions beckon with enticing features and benefits. The choice between free and paid ultimately hinges on individual preferences and the value one places on an enhanced storytelling experience. As AI Dungeon continues to evolve, the journey of choice unfolds, inviting players to craft their narratives in a dynamic and ever-expanding digital realm.

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